Home Set Up & Organizing

Home Set Up & Organizing

Home Set Up & Organizing

Settling into your new home is not an easy task.  A large part of the physical and emotional stress associated with moving is setting up and organizing your new home. The average person will take 3-5 days to complete these tasks. Our Home Organizing & Set Up Services will take the stress away from this process and drastically reduce the time it takes you to settle into your new space.

Home Set Up

Our Home Set Up Service is the perfect solution for you to have some extra hands on the move in day. We’ll set up your home just as you like and make sure everything finds it’s perfect place. In addition to unpacking all boxes and unwrapping all furniture, our services include:


• set up your kitchen

• place all major appliances

• organize all flatware, glasses, cups, bowls and plates into their place

• put away pots and pans

• place all counter top kitchen appliances

• store food items in pantry

• store additional kitchen items as directed



• set up bed, dresser and end tables

• hang clothing in closet or wardrobe

• place clothing into drawers

• store closet items in closets

• place linens in linen closet


Additional Areas Of Set Up

• place all rugs in home

• set up dinning room

• place sofa and set up living room

• bathroom set up, fill vanity and drawers

• set up home office desk, filing cabinet and book shelf

• garage items brought to garage

Home Organizing

Our Home Organizing assessment will alert you to clutter hot spots and point out the areas that your existing organization is failing or in need of improvement.

Organization Plan Of Action

Did you know that on average 80% of what we keep, we never use and that getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in the average home. We’ll develop a plan of action to reduce the clutter and build organization in areas of your home that need improvements. Once you’ve approved your plan, we’ll take the necessary steps and order the resources needed to execute the plan.

Mess = Stress! Having an organized home can have numerous benefits to your life and relationships. It can even improve your physical and mental health. Moving or selling a home is the perfect time to start fresh, get rid of clutter and enhance your home organization.

Additional Services

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