Antiques, Collectibles, Artwork & Sculptures

Antiques, Collectibles, Artwork & Sculptures

You don't need to browse the internet very far to discover dreadful stories of moving gone wrong. Leave moving the really valuable items up to us. We're experienced, insured and our trained professionals will successfully move your family heirlooms, antique furniture, collectibles, art collections, and sculptures. We are qualified art handlers and can move complete gallery collections.


Paula’s Movers are trusted and experienced antique movers. We know just how your valuable items should be packed, handled, and transported in order to arrive safely to your new home or business. Prior to your move, Paula’s Movers, Long Distance Moving Agent will come to your home or business for an on-site survey of your items. All antiques, collectibles, artwork, or sculptures will be documented and measured when necessary. At this time our agent will determine which items if any require custom transportation needs such as extra wrapping, moving blankets, custom crates, or specialty moving vehicles.

Artwork & Sculptures

Paula’s Movers are artists at heart and we understand that art is both personal and precious cargo that requires careful planning, meticulous handling, and delicate moving. Our artwork and sculpture moving services are available for both personal collections and art gallery collections within New York City and the Tri-State Area. Similar to our Antique Moving, you would receive an on-site visit from Art & Sculpture Agent to review and document your items so we can plan the move accordingly. If custom crates are required you will be notified on-site and arrangements can be made. We would then schedule for our White Glove Team will arrive on-site and carefully handle, wrap, package, and transport your items.


Do you have a collection you need to move? We’ve moved many collections including; stamps, coins, baseball cards, fossils, porcelain, guitars and musical instrument collections, action figures, and comic books. We’ve love to hear what collection you have that may require the extra care and attention we provide.

Items You Should Keep With You During The Move

For most customers, there are certain items that are always a good idea to keep close to you during a move.

• Important papers (deeds, titles, bank books, tax forms, and similar documents)

• Medical items (prescriptions, medical and dental records)

• Keys (to your homes, safes, and furniture)

• Coins, cash and negotiable papers (stock certificates, bonds, notes, etc.)

• Fine Jewelry (including estate jewelry and/or family heirlooms)

Specialty Insurance

Additional coverage options are available.

We treat every item with unrivaled professional care and recognize that antiques, treasured collections, artwork, and sculptures require even extra care. Our Agents, Packers, and Movers understand this and are trained to handle your most valuable and sentimental items.

Additional Services

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