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Our full-service long distance moving includes packing and unpacking, furniture assembly, donation, and junk removal, automobile transporting–  you name it, we'll take care of it.

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Long Distance Moving Services
  • Comprehensive FREE On-Site Moving Quote

    A trained Moving Consultants will walk you through your long-distance move step by step and generate you a detailed, accurate, Up-Front Moving Quote. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that your items are safe and secure and delivery will always be on time.

  • Residential Long Distance Moving Services

    Regardless of the size of your home or apartment, or the amount of furniture, belongings and vehicles you may own, Paula's Movers will happily assist you with your move. Moving from New York to New Jersey, Georgia, Florida? Maybe even a bit further, Texas, Arizona or all the way to sunny California? Our long distance moving will cover you to all states within the continental United States.  

  • Commercial Moving Services

    We’ve moved all sorts of businesses over the years and understand the importance of every hour during a commercial move. Therefore, Paula's Movers can provide you with a fast, organized, and secure business moving that allows the least amount of downtime for your office or business.

  • Packing & Unpacking

    Our long distance movers are experienced professional packers. First, we'll pack your belongings carefully and securely using sustainable products whenever possible, but never compromising the safety of your belongings. Secondly, just as carefully we'll unpack everything after the move to help you settle into your home. All you have to do is point your finger and direct and Presto! - just like magic you're all moved into your new home. We'll even put the toilet paper roll on the holder. Seriously, we will. Learn more about our Packing & Unpacking Services...

  • Home Organizing Services

    Not enough hours in the day? Always working late at the office? Or maybe you just don’t feel like dealing with it all. Whatever your reason is, Paula's Movers Home Organizing Services will assure everything is labeled, organized and set up personalized to you and your new home. Learn more about our Home Organizing Services...

  • Furniture Assembly

    We are experienced with most major home furnishing brands as well as luxury brands. Just give us a quick call and we'll gladly confirm if we're able to disassemble and reassemble your particular items. Learn more about our Furniture Assembly Services...

Additional Moving Services Include
  • Antiques, Collectables & Artwork Moving Services

    You don't need to browse the internet very far to discover dreadful stories of moving gone wrong. Leave moving the really valuable items up to us. We're experienced, insured and our trained professionals will successfully move your family heirlooms, antique furniture, art collections or sculptures. We are qualified art handlers and can move complete gallery collections. Learn more about our Antique Moving Services...

  • Safe & Secure Storage

    Are you traveling between your moves and need a place to store your belongings? Maybe downsizing from a three to one bedroom?  In addition to moving services we offer short and long term storage options. Our storage facilities are always climate-controlled, secured warehouses.

  • Custom Moves - Custom Crate Building & Moving

    Some items weren't designed to just simply fit into a box. Often, your specialty items are expensive, bulky and difficult to transport. For these items, surviving a long distance move is challenging. It's crucial that custom attention and care is applied to ensure a safe and successful move.  When the situation calls for it, a custom built crate is the solution to properly protect the item. Paulas's Movers Custom Crate Building & Moving Service ensures that your valuables stay protected during a long distance move and arrive to your new destination perfectly intact.

  • Junk Removal & Donation Services

    Maybe it's junk or maybe it could use a second home. Either way, moving is the perfect time to clear out that clutter. Our moving team will haul off your unwanted items for donating, recycling and discarding. Let us take care of all your junk removal and item donatiions so you can focus on more important things– like remembering to set up mail forwarding to your new address.  

  • Piano Moving

    Have you ever walked into a place with a piano and wondered how did they ever get that in here? Well, Paula’s Movers knows how because we have moved pianos into and out of some very difficult places. Pianos come in many shapes and sizes. We have seen and moved many of them over the years. We'll make sure your piano move goes safely and on schedule.

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We feel our customers say it best...

Lisa Yen
Lisa Yen
Brooklyn to California

Paula's team took care of me and took the time to answer all my questions. My move went fast, smooth and ORGANIZED!!

Robert D.
Robert D.
Truly Satisfied

They deserve 10 stars, not 5. From speaking to Hannah on the phone and meeting David and his crew, I must have to say these movers are the best. 

Ana B.
Ana B.
NYC to Georgia

Thanks for a great job and professionalism!

Jesse T.
Jesse T.
Another Happy Customer

Experienced movers that provided excellent service. Would recommend to family and friends.

Peter & Natasha S.
Peter & Natasha S.
Brooklyn to Pennsylvania

Prompt and courteous and kept us informed every step of the way. We recommend them for sure! 

Soloman S.
Soloman S.
Truly Satisfied

They came on time, were very friendly and professional, worked very hard, did extras that they were not responsible for but was very helpful and stayed till the last item was in place. Reasonably priced as well. 

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