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Moving Blog #1 - Step by Step Guide For A Long Distance Move

We understand how quickly overwhelming a long distance move can become. All of the planning, reducing the excess, making dozens of necessary arrangements and on top all that you have the packing- it's a huge undertaking! That is why we at Paula’s Movers have put together this comprehensive Step By Step Moving Guide. Starting from months prior and following all the way through to the delivery day. You can use this helpful resource to guide you through the moving process and stay on track for your long distance move. 

Integrated into this guide are key points (designated by this symbol) where Paula's Movers can assist you in your long distance moving process. This includes our full services. Start by either filling out our online Moving Quote Form or calling us to set up a walk through. Additionally, we have integrated into this moving guide our standard 3 payment policy schedule which you may also find outlined at the bottom of this blog post.  If you have any questions about the moving process our Long Distance Moving specialists will gladly answer them.


♦ Paula's Movers - Fill out our online Moving Quote Form to get things started or call to schedule a home walk-through with a qualified field agent. Secure your move date with us!

Moving Organizer -  Secure a clear filing tote, paper organizer/divider and lock box to keep track of all important files, documents and items. Keep everything inside your tote. Other items to include in the tote are sticky labels, a roll of packing tape, pens and markers. 

Labeling System - Create a labeling system; categorize items by room and use colored stickers or markers to streamline the labeling process.

Master List - Inventory your home's belongings. Donate/Sell/Discard whatever you can before the move. 

Floor Plan - Plan out where all your furniture will go in your new home. Sell or donate anything that does not fit into your new home's floor plan.

Documents - Collect and file important documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance cards, legal and financial documents.

Pets - Add your pets medical records and vaccination records to your Moving Organizer.

School - Notify schools about your move and change of address. Request a copy of Academic Records. Start your search for a new school, begin the enrollment process and have academic records transferred. Add Academic Records to your Moving Organizer.

Career - Notify your work to take off if necessary. 

Finishing Work - Make arrangements to complete any carpentry, wall painting, electrical, or plumbing work required at your existing and/or new residence.  

Travel Arrangements - Book plane tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals if required. 

Freezer & Pantry - Consume your pantry and frozen items in efforts to reduce food waste during your move.

A couple in Dumbo, Brooklyn goes through clothing to donate in a box as they get ready for their long distance move. A woman holds up a flannel shirt to show her husband and question him if wants to keep or donate.


Paula's Movers - After the Home Moving Walk-Through is completed we will confirm the contract and down payment is required for your moving services. 10% to secure your day, don’t worry if you need to change your date, call us to reschedule it at least one week prior to your set date.

Bank - Update billing address, arrange for transfer of safety deposit box if needed. 

Insurance - Contact your home insurance agent to review policy details, update policy or obtain additional coverage if needed. 

Government - Alert DMV, IRS of address change. 

Subscriptions - Update your address with any existing magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Memberships - Update your address with any club store accounts.

Curbside & Virtual Yard Sale - Use the sidewalk, front yard, internet, eBay, facebook marketplace for selling unwanted items. 

Paula's Movers - No time to be hassled with yard sales? That's O.K. have us donate and discard all your unwanted items. 

Get Organized! - Update your master list to create an inventory sheet where you can track items during the move. 

Special Arrangements - Make any required special arrangements such as childcare and pet care.

Travel Arrangements - Confirm flights and/or update hotel reservations and car rentals if needed.

Packing Materials - *Begin to acquire all necessary packing materials.

Paula's Movers - Don't over or under order, let the experts advise you correctly! Order all your Packing and Moving Materials from Paula's Movers.  

Freezer & Pantry - Continue to consume your pantry and frozen items in efforts to reduce food waste during your move.

Close up of a mans hands holding a phone and a pen organizing a moving checklist. A green mug and a pair of reading glasses sit next to a pile of papers on a table.


Utilities - Arrange to cancel all services (water, gas, oil, electric, phone, cable, internet, security) after your move date at your current residence. Make time to arrange new services prior to move-in date at your new home.

Credit Cards - Advise credit card providers of your new address, move date and travel route to avoid a card freeze due to fraud concerns.   

Voter Registration - Update address and/or find registration office at new residence. 

Non-Essential Packing - *Start by packing items you won’t be using for a while such as seasonal decorations, clothing, books and storage closets.  Organize, label and add these items to your inventory list.

Paula's Movers - No time to pack? Our Full-Service Moving Plan covers packing your non-essential items. 

Garage & Sheds - Start packing non-essential items in these spaces. 

Packing Note - Enjoy a stress-free move by having Paula's Movers do all your long distance packing for you. Contact us for a quote.


Mailing Address - Complete a change of address form for the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

Auto Insurance - Update your new address with your auto insurance carrier(s). 

Health Insurance - Notify provider of move or contact new provider to find out the contact info for new doctors in your area.

Medical Records - Notify primary care physician and dentist of move and collect copies of medical records. Add copies to your Moving Organizer. Arrange for transfer of medical records to a new physician/dentist if needed. 

Registration/Driver License - Update your address for your vehicle registration and driver license online.

Donate/Recycle/Trash - *Donate, recycle or trash all items that will not one included on the move.

Paula's Movers - No time to be hassled with donating and trash runs? Our Full-Service Moving Plan covers us donating and discarding all your unwanted items. We also offer a convenient Junk Removal Service with flat charge. Please call us to find out more about this service.

Freezer & Pantry - Continue to consume your pantry and frozen items in efforts to reduce food waste during your move.


Paula's Movers - Confirm moving details and update us on any changes if needed.

Locks - Arrange a locksmith to update all locks at your new residence. 

Cleaning - If needed, arrange for professional cleaning of old and new residence.

Confirm Set-Ups - Confirm all scheduled installations and start dates for services (electric, gas, cable, phone, internet, security) at your new address. 

Major Packing - *Begin packing most of your belongings.

Paula's Movers - Our Full-Service Moving Plan includes all packing so you can sit back and relax.  

Returns - Make any required item returns to friends, neighbors or businesses prior to the move.

Medical Prescriptions - Fill and/or transfer any necessary prescriptions. 

Freezer & Pantry - Continue to consume your pantry and frozen items in efforts to reduce food waste during your move.


Paula's Movers - Confirm date(s) for packing and moving. Place your COI Request Here with our online form.  (Note: Have Han confirm all fields required for this form. (Certificate holder name/address)

Mail Forwarding - Arrange forwarding of mail and packages.

Loose Ends - Gather any items from dry cleaners, repair shops, etc. 

Travel Essentials - Prepare your personal travel items and moving day kit. Include anything you will need to have on hand during travel and/or prior to being unpacked. 

Travel Arrangements - Confirm flights and/or update hotel reservations and car rentals if needed.

A man assembles a childs crib.


Furniture - Dismantle beds and large items.

Paula's Movers - Don't have a clue or know where to even begin disassembling all your furniture? With Paula's Movers full service you'll have furniture disassembly and reassembly covered.

Appliances - Disconnect major appliances. 

Label Priority Boxes - Label any “last-out or first-in” boxes for movers. 

Food Prep - Gather some beverages and snacks for your move day. Water, trail mix, dried/fresh fruit are a great start.


Paula's Movers - Our team shows up on time and ready to get the job done. Second Payment is due.

Walk-Through - Confirm everything is packed and ready.

Inventory List - Update and confirm your final inventory list.

Food & Beverage - Make sure you hydrate and eat properly. 

Clean Up - Perform a final cleaning of your home.

Paula's Movers - Are you looking for professional cleanup? Call us to find out how we can take that task off your hands.

Key Return - Turn keys over to the landlord or real estate agent.

Coordinator - Have someone on hand to direct movers

Bill Of Lading - Confirm Bill of Lading with Movers.


Paula's Movers - Our team delivers your belongings safely to your new home. Final Payment of remaining balance due.

Walk-Through - Inspect your new residence. Faucets, toilets, utilities, smoke detectors, water, heater, etc. 

Coordinator - Have someone on hand to direct movers. Check items off the inventory as they are unloaded. 

Inspect - Inspect items, furniture and boxes for damage. Photograph any and all damages before signing a release form and/or Bill of Lading. Document any loss/damage on your inventory sheet or Bill of Lading.

Unpack - Unpack and rest, you earned it!

Paula's Movers - Don't want to unpack? We'll do it for you! Call to find out more about Paula's Movers full service moving packages.  


First Payment: 10% deposit before the job to secure your move date. 

(Don’t worry if you need to change your date, call us to reschedule it at least one week prior to your set date.)

Second Payment: 60% of total bill due upfront by/on packing/loading day.

Final Payment: Remaining 30% balance will be collected at delivery destination when we unload.